, another cool thing from @nghuuphuoc!

BootstrapValidator v0.4.5 Released


Improve it on Github

New features


  • The zipCode validator adds support for Italian, Dutch postcodes
  • Change default submitButtons to [type="submit"] to support input type="submit"
  • #245: The cvv validator should support spaces in credit card, thanks to @evilchili

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that the hidden fields generated by other plugins might not be validated
  • When parsing options from HTML attributes, don't add the field which hasn't validators. It improves fixes for #191, #223
  • #226: Fix the conflict issue with MooTools
  • #238: The submit buttons are not sent
  • #253: The iban validator does not work on IE8
  • #257: Plugin method invocation don't work


Thank to the contributor: