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BootstrapValidator v0.5.0 Released


Improve it on Github

New features

Error message


Support dynamic option

Support dynamic fields

New options

New APIs



  • $.fn.bootstrapValidator.helpers renames mod_11_10 to mod11And10, mod_37_36 to mod37And36
  • Remove submitHandler option. See upgrading to v0.5.0 guide.


  • #244: Only enable the submit buttons if all fields are valid, thanks to @smeagol74
  • #262: Improve the updateStatus() method. The plugin now doesn't show the errors, feedback icons of given field if there are uncompleted validators
  • #274: Fix feedback icons in input-group, thanks to @tiagofontella
  • #287, #291: Only send the submit button which is clicked. It's an enhancement for #238
  • #348: The uri validator now provides an option to support private/local network address
  • #364: Clicking the feedback icon also effect to the checkbox, radio fields
  • #366: Don't change the enable setting when the new one is the same
  • #382: Add JSHint to Grunt build
  • #388: Allow to override the default options. Useful for using multiple forms in the same page
  • #393: The remote validator adds support for dynamic url and method type (GET/POST), thanks to @ericnakagawa
  • #426: Add test suite
  • #431: Add built time to the build file
  • #432: Define the callback via data-bv-callback-callback attribute
  • #451: Validation of numeric fields with decimal steps, thanks to @Azuka
  • #456: Adjust the feedback icon position for .input-group element

Bug fixes

Language packages


Upgrading to v0.5.0

See upgrading to v0.5.0 guide.


Thank to the contributor: