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BootstrapValidator v0.5.1 Released


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New features


  • #502: Allowing sites without TLD to pass URI validation, thanks to @troymccabe
  • #549, #600: Change the CSS/JS path in demo/remote.html and demo/message.html, thanks to @leegtang, @Arkni
  • #604: Fix the demo/date.html and demo/tab.html examples, thanks to @Arkni
  • #609: Add content-type header for demo/remote.php, thanks to @etorres
  • #661: Add headers option to the remote validator, thanks to @ryan2049
  • #664: Fix the feedback icon position for Bootstrap 3.2
  • #683: Force the format option to be YYYY-MM-DD when using <input type="date" />
  • #698: Ignore type checking if the file type is empty

Bug fixes

  • #284, #294, #441, #516: The HTML 5 <input type="number" /> input allows to input non-digits characters
  • #548: Fix the issue when using different validator to compare with not existing field
  • #550, #551: Cannot validate against both ipv4 and ipv6 at the same time, thanks to @beeglebug
  • #588: Don't use min, max attributes (greaterThan, lessThan validators) for <input type="date" />
  • #665: The submitButtons option doesn't work correctly
  • #672: The zipCode validator throw an exception when passing not supported country code
  • #681: Fix the date validator issue where one of date/month/year or hours/minutes/seconds is prefixed by zero
  • #692: The remote validator can't set the type option via HTML attribute
  • #700: The between, greaterThan, lessThan validators accept param which isn't number

Language packages


Thank to the contributor: